Under The Willows August 2018


The Marina & Beach Rules have been updated.  They are on the website - go to “More” then go to “Marina Information” to see all the rules.    

The Marina Gate Card system opens at 5:00am and closes at 10:00pm daily.    

John Kinghan and Val Morin are planning a Pre Labor Day Marina clean up again this year.  Clean up is tentatively planned for Saturdays, how many will depend on how many volunteers and how bad it is.       

Potholes in the Marina parking area will be filled as well as clearing the brush and scrub from the overflow-guest parking area outside the Marina exit gate.  (King St/Dike Rd .)   

 If you would like to rent a slip or have a guest who would like to launch, those fees are now being accepted during normal business hours at the Clubhouse Office.  After hours the fees can be paid at the Marina.



1st Annual WVCA End of Summer Rib Cook-off is Saturday September 29 in the Marina Picnic Area.  Gates open at 5am; cooking time starts at 10:00am; judging at 2:00pm.  Entry fee is $25.00.  Pork ribs only.  You can have up to four members per team, at least one of which must be a WVCA member.       

Rules and an Entry Form should be available around August 20.  You can pick one up at the Clubhouse or on-line on the website.  Completed forms should be returned to the Clubhouse office no later than 9/16.    



The Clubhouse paint and flooring is complete and ready for normally scheduled Clubhouse activities.    

The partition doors are ordered and should be installed sometime in October.  Installation should not disrupt clubhouse use.   



Efforts continue to have this ready for the January ballot.    

At the General Membership meeting on August 4, there was concern expressed by the members attending that a temporary assessment may be needed to cover, at least, some of the cost of the launch ramp and dredge.  Most members classified the launch ramp as a capital improvement and understood capital expenditures came out of the Building Fund not the Reserve Fund.

          Several members also inquired as to how the dredge could be added to a regular maintenance cycle and in the future would not need a general membership vote for this specific maintenance.

   If you have an opinion on either of these topics please contact any of the Board of Director or Board of Governor members to share your concerns. 

All Board of Director members and Board of Governor members email addresses and phone numbers are on the website under Contacts.      

Under The Willows July 2018


The Marina Swim Beach will be roped off once again!

Boaters - take care and pay special attention to the north end of the Marina where the swim beach is. Please obey the Marina speed limit of a maximum of 5 miles an hour or 4 knots when entering/exiting the mouth of the Marina, the Marina is a no wake zone.

 No PWC’s in the Marina – ever.  You’ve got your own launch ramp, who could ask for anything more and you can anchor at North Beach if you need to.    

Gate Cards – FYI 

If your gate card has stopped working due to cracking and/or splitting.  You can have your card replaced, free of charge, by taking it  to the clubhouse office. Broken card must be surrendered in order to receive a new card.


The Picnic area revitalization is still in progress. Hope to locate and have a new Canopy by Labor Day, and the 1st phase of the revitalization hopefully done by the end of September.

If you would like to rent a slip or have a guest who would like to launch, those fees are now being accepted at the Clubhouse rather than the Marina.       



It’s paradise in your own backyard. Come meet your fellow members! There are four Palapas or bring your own shade.  It’s fun in the sun! 



September 29 is the date for the  Rib Cook-Off.  It will be in the Marina Picnic area.  Time to be determined. 

Details are still being worked out but here’s what we know.  Need a minimum of 10 teams and a maximum of 20 teams.  One or more members of each team must be a WVCA member. Wood and/or charcoal fires only.  No propane, no pellets, no commercial equipment. 

Rules and an entry form should be finalized by end of August beginning of September.  John Kinghan and Jesse Carillo will co-chair the event. Stay tuned right here at Under the Willows for future updates. 



The Board is working diligently on the aquatic issues at the Marina. Bids to replace the launch ramp are in.  To dredge the Marina is proving more cumbersome.  We have the required paperwork from Army Corp of Engineers.  Now it’s locating a company to do the work, along with complying with all the requirements and environmental testing and finding a disposal site for the dredge material, etc.  You know those pesky government agencies.  A completely wild guess at this point is going to be in the $150,000 to $200,000 range for both dredge and a new cement ramp.    

All Board members email addresses are on the website under Contacts 


The Clubhouse will be open six (6) days a week starting Monday July 9. The hours are:   Monday 8:30am to 4:00pm Tuesday 8:30am to 4:00pm Wednesday CLOSED Thursday 8:30am to 4:00pm Friday 8:30am to 5:00 pm Saturday 8:30am to 4:00pm Sunday 8:30am to Noon 

We’re starting our own version of HGTV.  Look for a notice at the clubhouse for closures and inconveniences.

The inside of the Clubhouse is getting a fresh coat of paint. The walls will be Swiss Coffee and trim a pale gray.  Painting will start soon and could take up to two weeks as they will be painting in the evenings.


The vinyl flooring is being replaced with a similar tile in a pale dusty gray. The clubhouse will be “out of commission” for about a week or so while the floor is being installed.

The partition doors are being replaced in a pale dusty gray. This installation should not disrupt clubhouse use.   

Under the Willows June 2018



The Club has a new Caretaker for the Marina! His name is Don, his wife is Carla. Stop by and introduce yourself if you haven’t already.

The Picnic area revitalization is underway. Repairs, grounds keeping, and a new canopy are in the works. 

There are lots of new signs on display to make it easier to understand how the Marina and Beach are designed for use and safety. 

If you would like to rent a slip or have a guest who would like to launch, those fees are now being accepted at the Clubhouse rather than the Caretaker. 

Slip rental fee is $10.00 per night. Parking inside the Marina is for Members only, stickers required.

The guest launch fee is $25.00 per day. To guest launch the member must accompany the guest and park outside the Marina gate.   


Oleander clean-up on the North Beach roadway is in progress. Ruts in the road were filled with road base making for a smoother ride. 

An additional Port-O-Potty has been placed at the other end of the beach through October.

The Palapas are in!



Rib Cook-Off – Coming at the end of September is a Rib Cook-Off to be held in the Marina Picnic area. Looking for a maximum of 10 teams. Please inquire with John Kinghan (through the Clubhouse Office) if you are interesting in participating. More details to come!!  


Clubhouse renovations are in the works. Replacing the tile floor and sliding doors to the Game Room are currently being detailed out. Also, a fresh coat of paint is in discussion. Look for updates here or better yet come to a Board meeting for more details!

The Clubhouse is getting new trash service. The antique dumpster is headed to the dumpster graveyard.

The Club hired a part time employee so the Clubhouse and Office can be open for Members 7 days a week. Stay tuned for when that will begin.   


District 3 has a new Director! Gil Angulo. He was appointed by the Board and will hold office until the next election. Those who live in District 3 and would like to have something brought up at the meeting and can not attend – contact Gil or leave a message for him at the Clubhouse Office. 

All Board members email addresses are on the website under Contacts. 


Glad you asked. 

District 1 Director Ed Peters. 

Bird side between Kingsley and Gordon; between Gordon and Whitewing plus the entire area north of King and south Kingsley.

District 2 Director Cori McMahon. Bird side between Kingsley and Gordon, between Canadian and Green Valley on the north side of King.  

District 3 Director Gil Angulo.  

Tree side south of King between Green Valley and Evergreen; between King St and Laurel Lane but not including Laurel Lane. 

District 4 Director Bret Welday. Tree side south of King between Aspen and Carob; between King St and Laurel Lane, including Laurel Lane. Plus the other side of 95 on King St only (Monte Vista).

District 5 Director Vince Nelson. Everything on the east side of 95 except Monte Vista. Plus Willow Valley Estates 11 (west side of 95 near the fire department). There are some subdivisions in the district 5 area that do not qualify to be in the Club. Your property will have either “Estates” or “Willows” in the tract/parcel description if you qualify.