Marina & Beach Rules


1. Access to the marina for motor driven vehicles is by Willow Valley Club Association (WVCA) gate card. The gate card is issued to valid Members of the WVCA upon payment of the proper fees and is not transferable.  All vehicles entering the marina must be currently licensed and registered to a home owner as listed on the Deed of Trust with matching identification or to the Associate member and must have a current WVCA decal visible on the driver’s side rear window with matching identification.  All watercraft must be registered to the Regular Member (property owner) or Associate Member and must have a WVCA decal visible on the Port (left) side.

A. Vehicles with a valid decal may park in the Marina and Beach parking areas.  All others must park outside the gates.

B. All persons in the Marina and Beach areas are subject to challenge by the Caretakers, Marina Security or any Board Member.  All persons must be prepared to show a current Willow Valley Club Gate Card or be able to identify themselves as a guest or a Member.

C. Loaning a gate card to another party for their use is considered just cause for suspension of privileges.

2. With the exception of vehicles operated by the WVCA  staff, no vehicles of any kind are allowed to be on the beach areas.

3. Any watercraft without a current WVCA decal must pay a launch fee of $25 per day and must be accompanied by a Member who is current with their dues.  Multiple personal watercraft vessels on the same boat trailer will only pay one $25 fee.

4. No animals are allowed on any WVCA beach or BBQ area.  No animals are permitted in the marina unless they are on a leash going from the vehicle to the watercraft.  All stray animals will be subject to apprehension by Animal Control.

5. Swimmers are not permitted in the boat dock area, in the marina entrance to the river or in other areas used by boats, jet skis or other watercraft.

6. No Lifeguard is on duty.  Swimmers swim at their own risk.

7. Operators of all watercraft must comply with all Coast Guard regulations.

A. Skiing is not permitted within 50 feet of the Marina entrance. 

B. The speed limit in the marina area is such that no wake is created or less than 5 miles per hour.

C. Personal watercraft shall not be launched or retrieved from the beach areas.  No trailers are allowed in the North Beach area. Personal watercraft have their own launch ramp.

8. Glass of any kind is prohibited in the marina and beach areas.

A. All trash must be deposited in the trash bins provided.

B. Trash bins are for use for those using the Marina and North Beach and are not for residential trash.

9. Normal closing time for activities in the Marina and Beach areas is 10:00 PM.

A. All cabanas, shade structures and chairs must be removed from the beach areas at the end of each day.

B. No boat anchors are allowed to be planted in the Marina.

10. All minors under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a responsable adult member or adult associate member.

11. The Beach is for WVCA Members, their children and guests.  You must have the current gate card with you when using this area.  The North Beach has parking for 30 vehicles.  Vehicles with trailers are not allowed in the beach area parking lot.

12. Fires are not allowed in the Marina or beach areas. Gas BBQ’s are allowed.

13. Due to the strict enforcement of the EPA and ADEQ on fuel spills, you are prohibited from pulling the drain plug on the watercraft while on the ramp or in the Marina area.

14. No watercraft refueling in the Marina or beach areas.

15. Members using the picnic area must clean up afterwards, including cigarette butts, decorations, BBQ’s, etc. Reservations may be made by calling (928) 768-6555 

16. Boat slips are for members in good standing.  The fee is $10 / day and must be paid in advance to the clubhouse office. Reservations can be made by phone 928-768-6555 

17. There is no fishing in the Marina from the beach area, docks or boats. 

18.Palapas are first come first serve.

19. The Board of Directors is authorized to discipline and or assess  a responsible fine in addition to payment for property damage for violation to these rules. The Board of Directors is also authorized to suspend Beach and/or Marina privileges.

Rev: 08/06/2018