Clubhouse Rules & Information


The Clubhouse is a private facility for the use of Members (property owners) in good standing, their guests and Associate Members that are sponsored by a Member or an Associate Member in good standing.

1. Access to the Clubhouse is by membership card.

A. Guests do not require a pass when accompanied by a Member in good standing.

B. Loaning a gate card to another party for their use is just cause for suspension of all privileges.

2. Activities of interest to Members may be scheduled in a regular time slot or on a one-time basis.  Activity request forms are available through the office.

3. The Clubhouse may be reserved and/or rented by Members for private events under the following conditions:

A. A rental fee for the Clubhouse and kitchen and a deposit is required.

B. A satisfactory arrangement for cleanup after the event.

C. The time scheduled must not conflict with any regularly scheduled activity.

D. Arrangements for rental must be made through the office.


4. Children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by a responsible adult Member or Associate Member.

5. Members are responsible for their own conduct and for the conduct of their children, guests and Associate Members they have sponsored.

A. Conduct or language objectionable to others must be avoided.

B. Any damages to property will be assessed against the Member. 

C. Unseemly behavior13 or abuse of the facilities is sufficient cause for ejection.

D. The Board of Directors is authorized to assess a fine for violation of these rules.

6. When an Activity Chairperson opens the Clubhouse for a scheduled activity, all facilities not specifically reserved must be kept open for use by Members in good standing.  The Activity Chairperson is responsible for the following:

A. Inspection of membership cards and for getting signatures on the “Visitors” register.

B. Seeing that equipment and/or furniture are returned to its proper place.

C. If kitchen is used, seeing that it is left in a clean and orderly condition.

D. Seeing that lights, air conditioning and heat are off and all doors and windows are locked.

E. Clubhouse to be closed by 12:00 midnight unless special permission has been granted to remain open later.

7. Activity Chairperson is not allowed to lend their keys to other Members without notifying the office and is not to be accessing the Clubhouse for their personal use.

8. All persons entering the Clubhouse are required to sign the “Visitors Register”.

9. Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times while in the Clubhouse

10. SMOKING IS NOT ALLOWED in the Clubhouse.      


12. Members using the Clubhouse will be responsible for the Clubhouse and its contents.  Any damage to the Clubhouse and its contents must be reported to the Clubhouse.